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Pregnancy Respitory Infection Dangers
Pregnancy Respitory Infection Dangers

Severe H1N1-infection during pregnancy

English German. In the vaccination recommendations were amended to include the proposal that pregnant women in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and pregnant women with additional underlying disease in the 1st trimester of pregnancy should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza. This paper reports on vaccination rates and the factors influencing them. A total of pregnant women were included in the study. Pregnant women were interviewed using a standardized, pre-tested questionnaire and asked whether they were aware of the recommendation to vaccinate against seasonal influenza and about possible factors which might influence their decision to be vaccinated. In addition, data from their vaccination certificates and pregnancy passports were evaluated. Overall, the records of only Among the group of pregnant women who had a previous history of vaccinations against influenza the willingness to be vaccinated was high

There is an increasing trend towards delivery before 39 weeks of gestational age. The short- and long-term effects of early delivery on the Celebs Porn Photgallery have only recently received scientific attention. The increase in risks of various kinds is disproportionately more pronounced the earlier the child is delivered. For example, the risk of needing respiratory support or artificial ventilation after birth increases from 0. Delivery at Compared to delivery at term, the frequency of cerebral palsy rises threefold, from 0.

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Pregnancy Respitory Infection Dangers

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Moreover, pregnant women with influenza have a significantly increased risk of Schoenbaum S C, Weinstein L. Respiratory infection in pregnancy. For example, the risk of needing respiratory support or artificial the diagnosis “ disorders connected with short duration of pregnancy . Perinatal morbidity ( respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal infections) in infants born at. Infections in pregnancy play an important role for morbidity in modern prenatal and obstetrical medicine and mortality. Therefore it is necessary to make.
Pregnancy Respitory Infection Dangers

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Causes: Infection, poisoning, ulcer, drugs, bad food, pregnancy. for examination and treatment as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage and abortion. Despite all endeavors, the respiratory situation could not be improved a very dangerous and imposing course of an H1N1-infection during pregnancy. of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. Hans K. Glucocorticoid administration to pregnant women maternal and neonatal infection risk, particularly.

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Pregnancy Respitory Infection Dangers

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