Category Latin Histories
Category Latin Histories

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Geben Sie Ihre Mobiltelefonnummer ein, um die kostenfreie App zu beziehen. In this way, this collection writes animals into Latin American history. Sexuality and Ritual in Early Nahua Culture "In this engaging and generative collection of essays, editors Martha Few and Zeb Tortorici take us beyond the implications of the Columbian Exchange to show how a wide range of animals--including locusts, cattle, monkeys, fur seals, llamas, birds, and goats--actively shaped Latin American history and culture. Centering Animals in Latin American History does more than just restore animals to visibility while examining human ideas about and practices toward nonhuman animals:

Lalande CSC. Former owner's name on first blank page. View more info. Quebec, Editions Paulines: Text is in French. Notes spirituelles publiees sous la direction de Stjepan Schmidt, sj, avec le Profil spirituel de l'auteur par les Benedictines de Lisieux.

Many people collected postcards, which were quite affordable, and pen pals exchanged postcards from all over the world; dates were arranged via postcards, just as happens today via phone, email, text, or instant messaging. Although most South American postcards were published and sold in urban areas, the broad availability combined with their postal function brought postcards a vast social and geographical diffusion. For instance, the German entrepreneur and photographer Guillermo Grüter — , who had come to Paraguay in , published some of the most popular Paraguayan postcards. The images stemmed from photographs he took there. In his early years in Paraguay, before he imported printing machines and produced postcards on his own, Grüter sent some of his photographs to a manufacturer in Europe who produced postcards. Picture postcards are interesting objects of study for investigations of global cultural history in transatlantic and other transnational entanglements. Access to the complete content on Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History requires a subscription or purchase.

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Advanced Search. Bound in reverse calf. The Fift Impression, with many rare Antiquities never before imprinted. By the industry and care of John Philipot, Somerset Herald. Originally published in as: Remaines of a greater worke, concerning The first edition of this Latin work regarding the ecclesiastical history of England.

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Category Latin Histories

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Two papers tackle another crucial category of literary history besides author and the impact that Greek literary history has had on histories of Latin literature. Jan. Listening Again to Popular Music as History (CfA, Deadline: Sept. . by its depiction in mostly Western, but also Latin American popular culture. Text is in German with a document section of Italian and Latin. Part of a series: Heidelberger Ubhandlungen, hest Footnotes. Library bound black buckram.
Category Latin Histories

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produced during the Ottoman era, 45 % of them turn out to belong to the iatrosophia category (Varella, p. 28 George Sarton: Introduction to the History of Science. Vol. 2. Presenza del lessico greco e latino nelle lingue contemporanee. ; Latin Christian writer probably of African birth; friend & disciple of Augustine. "One of the most important sources for our knowledge of Nestorius's. And second, due to contrasting socio-cultural histories that France and between an informal/familiar form (etymologically derived from Latin tu) and a where the grammatical categories in the two languages are less equivalent than they.

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Category Latin Histories

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