Causes And Consequences Model
Causes And Consequences Model

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Parental effects occur when the phenotype of one or both parent s affects the phenotype of offspring beyond direct effects of genetic inheritance. From a mechanistic perspective, the question which processes underlie transgenerational inheritance remains open. Moreover, from an evolutionary point of view, the fitness consequences of transgenerational inheritance and its impact on adaptation to changing environments are also mostly unknown. In this workshop, we aim to discuss examples of transgenerational inheritance in natural populations of non-model organisms, potential mechanisms underlying such patterns and its evolutionary underpinnings and consequences. More information, registration and abstract submission can be found on the workshop website.

Springer Professional. Zurück zum Suchergebnis. Validity Evidence Abstract Consumer skepticism of corporate environmental activities is on the rise. Yet research on this timely, intriguing, and important topic is scarce for both academics and practitioners. Building on attribution theory, we develop and test a theoretically anchored model that explains the sources and consequences of green skepticism.

Henkel, Marcel. In this dissertation, I examine the causes and consequences of spatial inequality. Furthermore, I present the most current knowledge on how quantitative spatial models can serve as a tool to analyze the distribution of economic activity across space. In a collection of research papers, I investigate in particular i how market integration and fiscal policy shape the spatial allocation of economic activity, and ii how urbanization affects wage inequality. The first and second essays are joint works with Tobias Seidel and Jens Suedekum. In the first essay, we use a quantitative model to study the implications of European integration for welfare and migration flows.

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Desweiteren kann das Konfliktpotential innerhalb des Nests durch die genetische Variabilität bestimmt sein. Bombus terrestris und der Parasit Nosema bombi wurden verwendet um den Einfluss der genetischen Variabilität auf Wirt-Parasit Interaktionen zu untersuchen. Auf der Individuen- und Populationsebene war die genetische Variabilität negativ mit dem Infektiongrad korreliert. Eine positive Korrelation wurde zum ersten Mal unter natürlichen Bedingungen zwischen der genetischen Variabilität und der Koloniedichte auf Populationsebene gefunden. Auf der Individuen und Kolonieebene wurde erstmals eine tropische Hummel, Bombus wilmattae, hinsichtlich ihrer Paarungsfrequenz und des Reproduktionskonflikts zwischen Königin und Arbeiterinnen mit molekularen Methoden untersucht. Sie unterscheidet sich von temperaten Arten, da die Arbeiterinnen den Reproduktionskonflikt bezüglich der Männchen gewinnen.


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Causes And Consequences Model

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This article examines a multifactorial model of causes and consequences of harsh parental punishment. The social-psychological model as developed by Gelles. In this dissertation, I examine the causes and consequences of spatial inequality. . A quantitative geography model with fiscal equalization PDF | Final report summarizing first (descriptive) results.
Causes And Consequences Model

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Causes of and Consequences for Nanotechnologies by. Ingrid Ott .. just present a short sketch of the model's simplest version without going into formal details. 3. Nov. Three essays on the causes and consequences of spatial inequality. Henkel, Marcel. Dateien; Metadaten. Dateibereich Text anzeigen. Hummeln sind als soziale Insekten ein hervorragendes Model um den Einfluß der genetischen Variabilität auf die verschiedenen Organisationsebenen, welche .

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Causes And Consequences Model

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