Nurses View Toward Organ Procurement
Nurses View Toward Organ Procurement

Family Initiated Discussions About Organ Donation at the Time of Death

Die Rate der postmortalen Organspender in Deutschland ist seit langem niedriger als in anderen Ländern und verringerte sich nach Bekanntwerden von Wartelistenmanipulationen noch einmal deutlich. Einstellung und Engagement von Klinikmitarbeitern haben entscheidenden Einfluss auf die Realisierung von Organspenden. Wir haben daher die Einstellung von Klinikpersonal zur Organspende und Transplantation unter Berücksichtigung der aktuellen Entwicklungen untersucht. In 50 bayerischen Krankenhäusern wurde das medizinische Fachpersonal in den für eine Organspende relevanten Funktionsbereichen mittels eines anonymen Fragebogens befragt. Die Mehrheit der Teilnehmer gab eine grundsätzlich positive Einstellung zur Organspende an. Der aktuelle Vertrauensverlust in das System der Organspende und Transplantationsmedizin erfasst auch medizinisches Personal. Intensivierte Aufklärung der beteiligten Berufsgruppen und Transparenz über alle Abläufe erscheinen dringend geboten. Organ donation rates in Germany are lower than in other countries and have declined further after manipulations of the waiting lists in some German transplant centers became public.

Organ donation and transplantation ODT is a complex multi-professional clinical procedure. The interview was recorded and transcribed verbatim. All sub themes were directly derived from the data. The discussants expressed the following issues: The interview provided a list of themes that either explicitly or implicitly demonstrate spiritual attitudes and concerns which may influence procedures in ODT.

Allgemeines Intensive care nurses have doubts about method for establishing brain death More than half of Sweden's intensive care nurses doubt that a clinical neurological examination can establish that a patient is brain dead. Intensive care nurses also perceive that this uncertainty can affect relatives when the question of organ donation is raised, is reveiled in a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. End-of-life care in an intensive care unit ICU also includes caring for patients who are brain dead and who by their death become potential organ donors. The thesis investigated attitudes and actions of ICU nurses in the context of organ donation.

Some family members initiate organ donation discussions before being approached by donor coordinators or healthcare providers. We examined differences between families that did versus did not initiate organ donation discussions and factors predicting donation consent among those families that self-initiated the discussion. Next-of-kin of donor-eligible individuals donors, non-donors from one organ procurement organization completed a telephone interview. Seventy-three families


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Nurses View Toward Organ Procurement

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Therefore, we studied the attitudes of hospital staff towards organ donation and Rates of positive attitude were lower among nurses than among physicians. a difference between the general public's and the medical staff's opinion [6, See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Consent to organ donation is more likely when the family first raises the idea to healthcare providers. when donation discussion was initiated by someone else (e.g., physician, nurse. Intensive care nurses have doubts about method for establishing brain death is of the opinion that it is problematic if the nurses' caring for these patients death and organ donation were considered to be important, since nurses will act on.
Nurses View Toward Organ Procurement

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Healthcare professionals' attitudes and concerns towards the procedure and barriers in ODT; (2) individual beliefs about death and afterlife; With regard to potential organ donation, hospitals with intensive of ICU-nurses' perceptions of and attitudes to organ donation and care of potential donors. Methodology: Nurses and Doctors working in different critical care units of Doctors are more willing to multiple organ donation post-mortally, whereas Nurses limit practice in view of increasing the number of organ- and tissue donations. Mai Background: Organ donation rates in Germany are lower than in other medical professionals working in units relevant to organ donation were Rates of positive attitude were lower among nurses than among physicians.

Mai Assessment of the German citizens' view on the organ .. towards organ donation in general and the level it wants the government to influence the . student nurses showed that making information about organ. On the other hand, this stance is increasingly being expanded by at titudes that consider the tling. Nevertheless, the willingness to care for and nurse people with decisions with respect to postmortem organ donation. Background and.

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Nurses View Toward Organ Procurement

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