Clothing In Latin America
Clothing In Latin America

Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion: Latin America and the Caribbean: 2

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Published in in the summer of in print and online, the volume Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is the first comprehensive reference work to explore all aspects of dress and fashion globally - from pre-history to the present day. Arranged geographically and written by an international team of experts, the Encyclopedia will serve as the go-to source for all issues relating the art and anthropology of costume, dress, and fashion the world over for students, scholars, members of the design and fashion industries, and fashion aficionados for years to come. The Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion brings together for the first time the work of over renowned scholars from every part of the globe. All articles have been specially commissioned and particular effort has been made to commission articles by indigenous scholars with in-depth local knowledge. Covering an area of spectacularly diverse topography and climate, from arid Mexican deserts to tropical islands and from Amazonian rainforests to the high Andes, this volume explores the dress traditions of the many peoples inhabiting Latin America and the Caribbean. But this region also has an extraordinarily rich legacy dating back to ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs, Incas, and Maya, as well as unique records in the form of pictogram books indicating the early use of textiles and clothing types. In this important reference work, these topics, as well as the lasting impact of Sapnish and Portuguese colonial activity, are introduced and contextualized to show how modern societies that are fully participating in globalized commerce have developed in this region. With over images, Latin America and the Caribbean is an invaluable reference tool and an essential starting point for anyone wishing to learn about the importance of dress to this vibrant region.

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Clothing In Latin America

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Weitere Ideen zu Beautiful people, Beautiful children und Latin america. Photographic Print: Portrait of Local Woman in Colourful Clothes, Pisac, Peru by Wes. From the tango-inspired dress of Argentina and guerilla chic in downtown Buenos Aires to swimwear on Copacabana Beach and the rainbow that adorns Mayan. Presents an assessment of Latin America's influence on global fashion. This work examines the significance of textiles and dress to Latin American culture and.
Clothing In Latin America

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Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion: Latin America and the Caribbean: 2 beim alannorris.eu - ISBN - ISBN - Oxford. Argentinean and Brazilian tango and North American swing dances were the first on the new music that came from the United States and also from Latin America. festive features, in which they used funny clothing and altered their voices. Latin America From Clothing - alannorris.eu - tolle bilder für dich!, Erstaunliche Bilder für Sie, wir haben die perfekten Fotos!.

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Clothing In Latin America

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