Quality Assurance Model
Quality Assurance Model

An Integrated Analysis and Testing Methodology to Support Model-Based Quality Assurance

Model-based development of software is an increasing trend. As quality assurance is one major activity during software development, we aim at improving this task by combining analysis and testing more strongly during model-based development. We first give an overview of the state of the art of combined quality assurance and optimization of quality assurance based on the use of metrics, which reveals a lack of knowledge and methodology regarding this process. We then introduce our initial concepts of a combined quality assurance methodology, and present a proof of concept via an example that applies the approach. The approach is widely applicable and presents a basis for gathering knowledge between different static and dynamic quality assurance techniques in order to improve quality assurance. However, identifying concrete knowledge will remain a major challenge in the future.

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The paradigm of model-based software development MBSD has become more and more popular since it promises an increase in the efficiency and quality of software development. In this paradigm, software models play an increasingly important role and software quality and quality assurance consequently leads back to the quality and quality assurance of the involved models. The fundamental aim of this thesis is the definition of a structured syntax-oriented process for quality assurance of software models that can be adapted to project-specific and domain-specific needs. It is structured into two sub-processes: The approach concentrates on quality aspects to be checked on the abstract model syntax and is based on quality assurance techniques model metrics, smells, and refactorings well-known from literature. So far, these techniques are mostly considered in isolation only and therefore the proposed process integrates them in order to perform model quality assurance more systematically. Three example cases performing the process serve as proof-of-concept implementations and show its applicability, its flexibility, and hence its usefulness. Related to several issues concerning model quality assurance minor contributions of this thesis are 1 the definition of a quality model for model quality that consists of high-level quality attributes and low-level characteristics, 2 overviews on metrics, smells, and refactorings for UML class models including structured descriptions of each technique, and 3 an approach for composite model refactoring that concentrates on the specification of refactoring composition.

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Quality Assurance Model

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Quality Assurance Model

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