Preventing Unsafe Sex
Preventing Unsafe Sex

[HIV prevention in young homosexual men. A medical ethical challenge].

Author information: The number of new HIV-1 infections remains stable in Switzerland over the last years thanks to the effective prevention programs. However, the aim to halve the new HIV infection rate has not been reached. Early identification of patients at risk of acquiring HIV infection and counselling "safer sex" rules as well as treating HIV-infected patients plays a decisive role in this program.

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Mit e. Sie können e. Der Test läuft automatisch und formlos aus. Es kann nur einmal getestet werden. Erweiterte Suche. Springer Medizin. Zurück zum Suchergebnis. MSM in South Africa are a population with a high risk of HIV infection, however there is little research available on the drivers of this risk.

Author information: Therefore the prevention of new infections with HIV is an important goal for medicine and public health. However, during recent years the number of new HIV-infections in young gay men increased. New empirical data from the U. The paper discusses these problems from the perspective of medical ethics.

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Preventing Unsafe Sex

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[Prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI)]. [Article in Syphilis/diagnosis; Syphilis/prevention & control; Syphilis/transmission; Unsafe Sex. that the traditional prevention methods fail to reach young gay men in Western countries who become HIV-infected by unsafe sex within intimate relationships. Relationships involving unsafe sex might be more common than we thought. What sexually transmitted How to prevent it? Easy, use a condom. The male latex.
Preventing Unsafe Sex

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[Prevention strategies to control the HIV epidemic. of HIV serostatus is a major barrier to HIV prevention as it gives room to further unsafe sex practices (8, 9). Preventing adolescent health risk behavior by strengthening protection School- based interventions to prevent unprotected sex and HIV among adolescents. Current guidelines on HIV prevention for MSM emphasise the need for ' combination prevention' based on context-specific understandings of HIV risk.

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Preventing Unsafe Sex

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